How to attain any new skill faster???

Hi there! Are you peeking out to learn a new skill??? Today I am going to be tell an exotic tip to attain new skill sooner.

Generally, we require 10000 hours to master any skill according to a scientific research.

But according to JOSH KAUFMAN in his book THE FIRST 20 HOURS,

The first 20 hours. How to learn anything faster.

HOW TO LEARN ANYTHING FAST, we need only 20 hours to learn any new skill and 10000 hours to master a skill. Here is how you can do it all!!!!

Before knowing tips learn the skill first we need to know “WHY IT IS IMPORTANT”????

  • Know the purpose
  • Understand the need
  • Know the areas you need that skill

After that follow these simple steps to learn your triggering skills… Let’s Go!!


Hey, whatever you learn first divide that skill into sub skills.

For example, you want to learn the language that into sub-skills such as

1.First, learn basic procedures such as introducing yourself to others, in both formal and informal ways.

2. Then, learn common words, and their usage in language. Try to small phrases in your conversation.

3. Thirdly, learn sentence formation do practice that.

2. Learn just ENOUGH

Most of us waste our time in how to learn that, in what ways learn??

are resources needed for that??? Stop thinking all the way to learn.

Just start, With a thought to learn nothing else needed. Practice what learnt.

Don’t try to be meticulous at the first attempt. Go on practicing without fail.

3. Remove Distraction

Once you decided to learn then remove all the distractions from your surroundings, and FOCUS on BETTERMENT.

Allocate some time daily for learning a new skill.

Be focussed and committed.

4. Practice at least for 20 hours

Once you started learning BE COMMITTED towards the work at least for 20 hours.

You can ask me that one day how can I spend 20 hours on that???

Tip: In the evening try to practice this 4 hours before sleep. This helps your brain to consolidate what you have learnt.

So learn morning and practice evening times.

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